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If so, you are born with an aptitude for pursuing fine arts. It may be either as a hobby or as a career in your life. Children instinctively have a deep interest in drawing, painting, sculpture and allied art and craft. That is why I always look out for art classes for kids near me including drawing classes near me for kids and painting classes for kids near me along with art and craft classes near me for kids.

Drawing is essentially a line representation of an image done with the help of many instruments like sketching pencils to create drawings of nature, easy drawing for kids, pencil sketch drawing, flowers to draw, drawing images of cartoon et cetera. Drawing ideas are the basic raw material for pencil drawings, images and pictures.

Also, drawing is generally done on paper but any other material like wood, plastic, leather, canvas, board and even a wall can be used for the purpose.

In fact drawing has been a medium of communication even before language was invented and formed. Early cavemen used drawing to express themselves in more than one ways.

Drawing has been the most basic foundation for artistic expression especially since the paper became available in the 14th century.

We ensure personalised attention per participant for every session. Most classes have practice sheets and videos so participants can follow up post the live session.

Do not miss a fun and a great way to network with other like minded people. Sign up to learn a new hobby now!

IIWC conducts Art classes for all age groups. To register for our art classes, contact our office.



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