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IIWC Children’s Library

IIWC also maintains a separate Children's Library for the younger generation. The Children's Library is committed to bring children back to reading habits and have fun through interesting activities.

A nation‟s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people, said Mahatma Gandhi. It also lies in the pages of this special edition of Young Minds, inspired by the festivals of India and brought to you by little people telling us big stories! Why? Why not? Because Kabir‟s Ram and Purandhara‟s Ramachandra, Meerabai‟s Kanha and Kanakadasa‟s Krishna, Nagapanchami of the South and Rakshabandhan of the North - only in India can a shared principle have innumerable names and customs and festivals to celebrate it! Each and every festival of ours marks a significant event in the journey of an ancient civilization. If there is unity in diversity that is India it is because of our shared culture embodied through our festivals, each with a story with a message behind it!

Hence the special edition of Young Minds - to let children tell us stories of their favourite festivals for a change. Stories that enrich the soul and empower the mind. We also have little poets sharing their prowess at rhyming with reason, and oh - so many budding artists creating a dream world of their own with splashes of vibrant colours that enliven these pages and lighten the heart...they truly are the soul of our rich country. We at IIWC CL hope to bring you more and more of the creative endeavours of our children through this forum so that we may get a glimpse of their vision and mission. The adults have spoken‟s time for the young to take centrestage.

Annual Fee: ₹ 200/-  (GST Applicable)
Admission Fee + Id Card: ₹ 100/-  (GST Applicable)
Library Deposit (Refundable): ₹ 500/- To Borrow 1 Item
₹ 1000/- To Borrow 2 Items
₹ 1500/- To Borrow 3 Items

Items borrowed can be books or magazines.

  1. Please download the Children’s Library Membership form.
  2. Fill the downloaded Form and bring with below required documents.
  3. 2 Passport size photograph of the Child
  4. One Govt ID Proof Xerox Copy of the Child
  5. One Govt ID Proof Xerox Copy of the Parent 

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