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Objectives of IIWC

  • To maintain a Centre affording opportunities for cultural, intellectual and ethical development.

  • To spread correct ideas on education, especially of adults and youth.

  • To promote cultural exchange among the various states in India and with other countries for the establishing of true national and international unity, concord and co-operation.

  • To raise the consideration of world's problems to the plane of moral and spiritual values.

  • To promote literature, history, science and the finearts and their study and diffusion of useful knowledge.

  • To promote or undertake scientific research including scientific investigation on the historical, sociological and philosophical aspects of science.

  • To establish Homes for students on a non-communal basis, where wholesome food will be supplied. The discipline of each Home will be specially directed to encouraging habits of cleanliness, tidiness, punctuality and responsibility. There will be daily short gatherings of all students in residence and any of the public who may wish to attend, for non-sectarian devotional readings and talks.

  • To maintain reading-rooms and libraries for the use of the public as centres of instruction as well information. To this end the Institute will:.

    1. Secure books representative of the best thought and the cultural history and development of the different peoples of the world, in addition to reference works etc.
    2. Collaboration with other libraries, institutions or agencies in India and abroad to promote exchange or loan manuscripts etc.
    3. In other ways stimulate intellectual pursuits and research in the various fields of knowledge.
  • To arrange public lectures and meetings for the exposition and discussion of suitable cultural themes, of books new or old, which have a vital message, and of unpublished papers sent by distant friends.

  • To arrange seminars, study circles, etc. in consonance with the ideals of the Institute.

  • To hold special meetings on significant occasions including important national or cultural anniversaries.

  • To arrange music and dance recitals; art exhibitions and showings of educational and cultural films.

  • To publish journals, transactions and books in order to sustain the work of the Institute.

  • To form youth groups and special study groups for intensive study and instruction, in preparation for service as good citizens of the nation and the world.

  • To co-operate with other organizations in India and abroad which are working for intellectual and cultural development and for world unity and peace.

  • To establish branches in other parts of India or abroad as occasion arises.

  • To acquire, accept and hold properties movable and immovable and funds and monies and securities and to deal with or use or apply the same or the income thereof for the furtherance of all or any of the above objects.

  • To act as trustees or agents in respect of any such properties or funds donated for the purpose of applying the same or the income thereof for the furtherance and carrying out of all or any of the aims and objects and.

  • To engage in such other activities as may be in conformity with, and calculated to further, the ideals and objects of the Institute.

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